Using music from the Outertone Catalogue.

All of our music is Copyright Free which means you are able to use any of our 1700+ tracks in your livestreams, videos & social media content.

How do I use music from the Outertone Catalogue?

If you'd like to directly download our music, you can find it all available for free here.

If you'd like to stream our music, you can find the full list of our current Spotify playlists here. [Currently, our Outertone Selects playlist is not safe for use in your content, please use at your own discretion]

How do I credit Outertone properly?

If you're using our music in a YouTube Video, please follow the instructions in the description of the track/video on Soundcloud or YouTube, it will look like this;

Track: Murphy - runnin'

Music provided by Outertone.

Stream/Download here: push.fm/fl/runnin

If you're a streamer and want to use our music for livestreams and VOD's (Videos on Demand), then please add the following to your bio/description.

Music provided by Outertone. (https://rb.gy/c0dq9)

Important Information

Although our music is Copyright & Claim-Free, you may sometimes receive a claim due to mismatches from other companies or individuals fraudulently claiming the content as their own. If this happens, please email us at submissions@outertone.com with the subject [Copyright Claim On My Content] and please include a screenshot showing the track it has matched against, a timestamp the claim took place and the track of ours you have used.

We are only able to resolve claims where you have ONLY used music released by Outertone. This includes any addition music used in Intro's, Outro's or any other point in your video/livestream.

Please ensure you are using music from our official sources such as our Spotify, YouTube or Soundcloud. If you use music from other labels and pages, you are responsible for any action taken against your account. This also applies to Outertone Artists who have not released that specific song on Outertone.

If you have questions regarding usage that have not been answered here, please email us at submissions@outertone.com with your query.